Tiger Woods …. and Lindsey?

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Tiger Woods …. and Lindsey?

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Just being with someone who makes you feel good can heal the body, but it seldom leads to transformation of the stress patterns — the pre-conscious codes — that were at the root of problems in the first place.

I sense that Tiger and Lindsey Vonn are Mirror Energy, operating in positive-mirror mode. They would feel understood by each other. And that would feel good.

My sense about Tiger and his ex-wife is that they are Friend Energy.

But the primary relationship for Tiger in his life was his father. He and his father were Lover-Energy.

My sense is that when Tiger was a child — he became a child-prodigy in golf as an instinctive way to get the attention that he craved from his father. And it worked!

Tiger “juiced” his father by being an outstanding golfer, and in turn, his father “juiced” Tiger with his attention, love and care — more than any BFF.

But when Tiger’s father died, so did Tiger’s real source and inspiration for golf. Oh, Tiger still had great skills … but it takes passion plus skills to be the level of player he is/was.

Elin, Tiger’s former wife, is beautiful and probably fun, but my sense is that she was no substitute for the “juice” that Tiger was able to get from his father by being the exceptional golfer. I imagine that Tiger’s numerous liaisons with other women was an instinctive  – and easy — way to get “juiced” again, and thus continue with his winning ways.

We know that Tiger was not after normal relationships with his liaisons. It seemed that he wanted more of a “pick-me-up-caffeine-surge-feeling-like-I-am-wanted” with his sex-capades.

For Tiger to resolve the issues that had him labeled as a sex-addict  – well, transformation of his “unloving beliefs” — such as “I am cut off from the things of God … joy, love, aliveness” — would be a great starter.  No outside person will ever be able to permanently plug that hole in his dam. Only he can do that.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how his golf-game goes, and how long both he and Lindsey will feel good with each other.






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  1. When I was a freshman I had the exact same problem, I came from a summer season with shooting even par for 18 holes and under par a couple times, and then blew up when high school golf came. I’m assuming that your poor play has happened just recently this winter. It may be because of the lack of practice. It gets harder and harder to get practice hours in when winter comes because the hours get shorter. This means that you will have to practice smart, you’re going to have to stop depending on your swing and shots to score, and get your short game better to keep you more consistent and away from the big numbers. Winter also brings wind so you also can’t just not spend any time on your swing either. You want to find a balance between the two and try not to rely on one or the other to keep your score down. As for your mental game side, it’s all a matter of confidence. When you get on the course, don’t think about any swing thoughts. Just know that you’re on the tee box, and you want it to go in the hole within _ strokes. Point A to point B, doesn’t matter how you get there. So with that said, nobody said you had to hit full swing shots all the time. Go one club up and imagine/FEEL like you’re hitting a 50 yard pitch with your sandwedge. Trust me, even I do this when I’m not hitting good in a tournament. When you start missing putts, stay patient, tell yourself that you’ve made a good stroke, and that’s all you can do. The subtle differences with the grain can make the ball bump offline and not go in. Good luck.

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