The Bachelor – Big Mistake

Feb 26, 2013 by

The Bachelor – Big Mistake

Just finished watching The Bachelor in Thailand with the last 3 Women. Boy, did Sean make a mistake in releasing AshLee!

At least, from my perspective, it is a mistake if he truly wants to have a wife that could provide an easier path to mutual success in the relationship!

Whenever I look into a “love” relationship, I look for the True Energy, and then for each person’s INTENT for having  a partner with these attributes:  Loving, Committed, Responsible, Trustworthy, Sexual Energy — and Intent for Success in the relationship with the other person.

Lindsay is Friend Energy. She is “blocked” on having a relationship that is Responsible, and her Intent for Sexual Energy is not high.  Add that to the Friend Energy factor … and you’ve got a brother-sister relationship within a few years. Yes, they are Best Friends … but what about sex? They would have to work hard at that if they consider it important.

Catherine is Mirror Energy. She is “blocked” on attributes of Committed, Responsible, Trustworthy and Sexual Energy … and on her Intent for Success with Sean. She could work really hard to try to make this relationship work … but WHY?  She needs to deal with the imprints that make it more likely that she will be dumped — and THEN find the right man.

AshLee is Lover Energy with Sean. Good start.  Also, the only attribute she is blocked on is having a Committed relationship.  Her Intent for Sexual Energy and for having a Successful relationship with Sean is clear.  Great indicators, from my perspective.

And Sean … He is blocked in his Intent to have a relationship that is Loving, Committed and Trustworthy.  Oops. Looks like he will attract those issues in. Actually, he already has. However, his Intent to have a successful relationship with Ashley is clear, while it is blocked with Catherine and cloudy with Lindsay.

For Sean, I predict that his sense of how life is includes hardwired unloving beliefs such as “I am the problem.  I am blamed for taking away from them.” These are generational patterns through his grandfather on father’s side … not his fault. But he lives the truth of them. Would be nice for him to have Transformed these “killer concerns” before he came on the show!

I know this is all for show … for ratings … for selling commercial time. But I’m really sad that Sean dropped AshLee from the roster tonight. I wish her the best with a better man.


  1. Zann

    Wow!…you are so right on!! I am still watching over here on the left coast and to me Ashlee is/was the best match. Your relationship transformation energy seems to be right on!!…as usual :-) . Z.

    • Rochele

      Thanks, Zann. Yes, I was really disappointed after I had seen how GOOD he might have had it with AshLee.

      • Hey girl! I just found your blog through healthy living blogs. I live super close to you. I’m a Nutritionist/Dietitian living, eating, and blogging a whole foods/paleo approach to nutrition. -Mary

    • Hi, this is super urgent! First of all, love these photos So cute! Second, I don’t know if you will see this Ashlee, but where did you get your blue dress? I love it!

  2. Rochele

    Sean and Catherine began their engagement by riding out on an elephant. I expect it won’t be long before they start noticing the elephants between them.

    The feeling of Love, the Noun seemed to be the deciding factor. That’s not unusual. Most of us have wanted that feeling. And a loving relationship CAN be the best place to heal up the GAPS people have within themselves. Better results come when the goal is HEALING … rather than falling into BLAMING. Early rough spots for Sean and Catherine will likely be about Trust and Commitment. I wish them well.

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  4. kurtis

    Infinitely to discuss it is impossible

  5. Rochele HC Hirsch

    Now we find that Sean and Catherine are postponing their wedding …maybe until next year.

    Not surprising. Suspect it is Catherine pushing back as she starts to feel concerned about his real commitment. Both of them have “blockages” about being willing to have a “committed partner,” so even if they DO tie the knot, I expect that the commitment issue will raise an ugly head very shortly.

    And if they transform their own issues about commitment … it could turn out that they realize they really are NOT meant for each other!

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