Obama and Biden

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Obama and Biden

The True Energy between our political leaders can make a big difference in how well they work together.

Obama and Biden, fortunately for us, are FRIEND ENERGY.

On a CNN interview with Biden, they asked him about how Obama treated his early “announcement” that he had no objection to same-sex marriage. He said the White House staffers were upset, but that Obama himself took it in stride, no problems, saying he knew Biden was “speaking from the heart.” They trust each other.

Now what about Obama and some other officials?

  • Obama and Pelosi – Mirror – probably 65% positive, 35% negative
  • Obama and Boehner – Friend  – they should be able to work things out
  • Obama and Reid – Mirror – probably 35% positive, 65% negative
  • Obama and Cantor – Lover … hmm … so they feel “a part of one another.”
  • Pelosi and Reid – Granddaughter and Grandmother
  • Pelosi and Boehner – Counselor and Counselee

Compare with

  • George W. Bush and Dick Cheney – Lover Energy
  • Bush and Rumsfeld – Mirror
  • Cheney and Rumsfeld – Granddaughter and Grandfather

What interesting dynamics!

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  1. “Socialism and wealth dibrtisution for the rich. It’s the GOP way.”Go look up the votes for the bailout, sunshine. It got even more support from the democrats.-jcrOoooo. Good point. But that’s Socialism at the point of a gun. In all honesty it would not be fair to blame the GOP solely for the financial meltdown, but the problem is that the democrats *went along with GOP principals* and did not enact legislation to regulate the industry. If they had voted as democrats usually do, we would not be in this mess.Now you can point to the bailout, which (arguably, but probably) was put in place to prevent a systemic economic meltdown, was socialism for the rich (and I’d agree), and that more democrats voted for it, but I’d then have to point out that McCainarthy wants to go several steps further, and not only keep the Bush tax cuts for corporations and the rich, but INCREASE them.Who’s worse?

    • Rochele

      The financial meltdown has so many fingers in the pie … from people (government?) who believed that more people being homeowners would be “good” for the country and the economy, so they said to lower the bar for who could get a loan (and the economy improved) — to bank representatives who wanted to maximize their commissions so they wrote a lot of bad paper …. and the bad paper was sold off by the banks as good paper, when it wasn’t — and thus took away the feedback system of responsibility from the bank (and the economy improved) … and the insurance and derivatives paper-pushing to make more money (and the economy improved) — BUT THEN the concept of raising the interest rates after an initial “low” rate — which caught homeowners off guard whose salaries did NOT go up — and the fact that many people started losing their jobs so mortgages could not be paid — and then the foreclosures caused the value of properties to drop rapidly … which cut out the ability of other people to borrow or even to sell their house for enough to cover the notes … on and on. We need more attention to feedback systems and keeping responsibility closer to its source.

    • How many of you really maiedte this government has the best appeal of this public or the benefit members best appeal at sensitivity?really give me a break they are all lifer politicians and thats all we have in this congress and the senate and we dont brilliant any longer its called brilliant.wake up and smell the dollar shrinking and what happens to the military recruitment when the nation goes to hell? yep your aptly it goes way way up and they have the picks of who they want and if you dont maiedte it.

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