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Rochele HC Hirsch
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Rochele HC Hirsch & Associates
Los Angeles / Atlanta
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Originator of The Theory of How Come,
Rochele is Author of:• Love, the Noun vs. Love, the Verb (2005)The Anger Flow Chart (2005)• Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken (2013)And coming in 2014 …• Get a Better Return on Your Crash & Burn


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Morning Crew in Singapore!
KISS92 Interview


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Events and Presentations


Colour Designers, Int’l Fall Conference – Los Gatos, CA. Provided 3-hour interactive training program titled “From Suzanne to True Energy.” Progression of topics included how the gateway Suzanne provided me into deeper awareness of the individual through color has led to new methods for personal effectiveness, stress reduction, and development of a personal transformation system that clears instinctive blockages to desired success.

26 October-2013
Suzanne Color Legacy Day – Los Gatos, CA, Demonstrated how I hand-paint a person’s individual color palette, with information about how to determine the Season through the colors. Provided videos and photos about Suzanne and her system of Color Analysis

Presentation: “Clear Instincts – How to Identify and Transform Subconcious Blockages to Success” – Portland, OR, home of Raphael Schnepf and Margaret Joyce.

Book Signing and ‘Relationship Insight’ Readings – Reno, NV, home of Vajra Farnsworth and Jay Hare

Presentation to Smart Recovery Group, Reno, NV on how to support WILLPOWER through stress reduction, energy enhancement and The Transformation Option.

Radio Interview with Glen Brooks on ‘Relationship Chemistry’

Radio Interview  with Michael Dresser on ‘Relationship Chemistry’  - See Archives for Sept 25

Suzanne Caygill Color Legacy – Celebration of her 102nd Birthday – San  hosted by Rochele HC Hirsch at Embassy Suites Hotel-SFO, attended by 23 of Suzanne’s students and color enthusiasts.

Atlanta Chapter INFORMS Meeting – Presentation: Increase Success by Understanding Relationship Chemistry

Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting – Providing Staff Development Program: Relax, Relate and Renew

Northside Kiwanis – Luncheon Speaker: Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken

Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting – ( — A Woman’s Place – Interview with Angela Harrington Rice, to be aired in June.

Possible Woman Leadership Development Conference – 17th Year of this Dynamic Conference. Hosted exhibit table for my book.

Radio Interview with Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive and author of The Body Knows.

Presented 2-hr Workshop titled Clear Your Intent to be Successful as a Humanitarian, at 4th Annual Global Health and Humanitarian Summit, Emory University Medical School,  Atlanta.

12 & 13-Apr-2013
Hosted Exhibit Table for APPPAH, Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and for some of our members who are authors, at 4th Annual Global Health and Humanitarian Summit, Emory University Medical School,  Atlanta.

02 – 17 Feb-2013
Drove cross-country from Los Angeles to Atlanta, stopping to see friends all along the way, sharing ideas, stories and dreams.

Radio Interview with KISS92 Morning Crew (Maddy, Jason & Arnold), aired on 10 Dec.

06-Dec -2012
Presentation to Singapore Seniors-4-Seniors, Relationship Chemistry – Tools for Success.

SACE (Singapore Association for Continuing Education). Presentation — Relationship Chemistry: Using The Love Scorecard

APPPAH 17th International Congress, Training Session (3-hr) – How to Decode and Transform Pre-conscious Imprints to Get More of What You Say You Want.

14 Oct-2011
Conference on Investing in the Ageing Boom, organized by Integrative CSR Consulting: Presentation on
Implementing An Integrative Approach to Healthy

Kiwanis Club of Singapore – Presentation – Transformation: A New Option for Ending Cravings and Other Stressors.

30-Nov – 3 Dec-2011
XL Mini-MBA – 3 Day Training Course for General Managers, Indonesia

APPPAH 15th International Congress, Welcome Your Baby In with 60 Minutes, Skin-to-Skin, An APPPPAH Advocacy Program. Asilomar Conference Center

Presentation to APPPAH Congress, Asilomar Conference Center www,