20 Minute Consultation (phone or Skype): Regular $100   Limited Time Special $75


During this session, Rochele provides insights on your relationship with another person, to include the following:

  • The unspoken expectations that instinctively guide your reactions in the relationship, based on the True Energy between you and the other person.
  • Your Stress Profile, i.e., what you tend to do when you get stressed, and what you can do for some immediate stress relief
  • The particular stress issue coming from the relationship .. based on a primary Hardwired Unloving Belief that is coming true
  • Recommendation on how to cope with the specific relationship issue …

You can also choose to use this Session to get insights on the Relationship with Yourself – involving questions on a career issue or a health concern.


To schedule your 20 minute appointment with Rochele, contact her directly via email for further information and scheduling.


RELATIONSHIP INSIGHTS – More in-depth understanding

90 Minute Consultations give you more opportunity to explore your questions about the relationship, and will provide you deeper knowledge of what is happening between you and the other person. You’ll have a clearer direction in the path you wish to pursue, and ways to make it easier.

90 Minute Consultation (phone or Skype): Regular $350   Limited Time Special $247

Contact Rochele directly via email for further information and scheduling.



If you want to go BEYOND COPING to actually clear the path to what you desire, there is the Transformation Option.

The book Relationship Chemistry (Chapter 11) provides an overview of Transformation.

Rochele offers a limited number of one-on-one Conscious Transformation Programs. In as short a time as 3 weeks (20 to 30 contact hours – with no homework) you can transform many of the Hardwired Unloving Beliefs that interfere with your sense of value, happiness and success.

Rochele works with you to rapidly uncover the sequence of pre-conscious codes that drive your instinctive reactions to life, set up your stress patterns, and get in the way of your Intent for Success around a particular issue.

While you may be very clear in your Intent for what you want – at the Conscious Mind level — these Codes inhibit your success at the instinctive, subconscious level.

Whatever you SAY you want … health, wealth, beauty, love, freedom, a good significant other … if you’re not getting it, Rochele can show you how you are being successful in having your own pre-conscious Hardwired Unloving Beliefs come true – and what you can do to permanently change them.

What to Expect

The number of Transformation Sessions necessary to resolve a particular issue is determined during the Initial Scan and Introductory Session.

A new client can expect an average of 5 to 8 Sessions to clear their Instincts for Success related to a particular issue. Minimum number of Sessions for an issue is 4, and maximum has never exceeded 12.

After their first program, most clients find that all they need are occasional chats about how things are going, or some further insight on a particular relationship. You’ll have a new way of seeing your world and creating your path forward.

Some clients have decided to dig deeper on other issues in their lives, and continue with more sessions. Often something can be resolved in 2-3 sessions.

What you transform will have affected many areas of your life – not just that one issue — and you’ll find that other things change for the positive, too.

In the past, you will have developed muscle and skill in coping with these patterns. You will keep your skills, but now you stop running into the same old obstacles. You’ll find that your stress level drops, you get more of what you want … more easily, and you feel happier.

Results for clients include: cravings dropped (chocolate, alcohol, sex, gambling, crystal meth and more), career advancement, stronger business opportunity, opened to good significant-other relationships, recreated the marriage relationship, cleared the path to successful divorce, supported resolution on business partner issues, improved health (better diet, shrinking of tumors, drop asthma, etc.), improved business team functioning.

The Process …

The Initial Scan and Introductory Session involves over 2 hours of intuitive pre-work by Rochele, and then 2-3 hours with you (in person, on the phone or Skype).

You get a detailed description of the primary stress patterns operating in your life, and recommendations on specific ways to cope with them. You will readily see how the Hardwired Unloving Beliefs have been “coming true.” You will understand how you are now empowered to transform those patterns.

Each Transformation Session involves an hour of pre-work by Rochele, and 2-3 hours directly with you. Each Session covers one Life Algorithm which is a set of 3 Codes. Like going through the peels of an onion, we go through the sequence of Life Algorithms that produce the stress patterns that interfere with your desired success —  from the outer layer to the core.

During each session, Rochele pinpoints the codes and works with you to develop the examples on how these patterns have recurred in your past, identifying specific situations and people. You’ll become aware of how you have instinctively avoided the “stuck emotion” in the Codes. Then she uses gentle yet empowering Guided Imagery to support the Transformation Process.

In order to have a successful transformation, you will need to feel the “stuck emotion” that has been avoided – since before you were born. In this way, you can release the unloving beliefs that the hardened emotion was holding in place. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to “wire-in” the new, more loving beliefs that will support your desired success.

As in the Butterfly Effect, by changing the initial conditions (the old unloving beliefs) of your Life Algorithms, the positive difference in your experience of “how life is” continues to grow over time. It’s not about Coping better — it’s about Being different.

What makes this method different ?

The difference in this system — from all others — begins with its new paradigm of cause and effect. In this paradigm, we understand that the Hardwired Unloving Beliefs (which are not anyone’s fault — but were there at conception) are the major, causative factor in your instinctive attitudes and reactions to life. Your instinctive reactions then help reinforce the innate patterns — somewhat similar to the idea of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. While you can COPE with reactions that you learn are not so acceptable or good for you, this takes constant willpower … which can fade in the face of stress.

The further difference is Rochele’s ability to pinpoint the particular Codes and support your Transformation in a way that allows you to rapidly produce a real and lasting change in your experience of life. Your instinctive reactions are different and now support the new, more loving Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Choice is empowered.

A Program for a specific issue can be accomplished in as little as 20 hours of contact time — usually 6 to 9 Sessions (2-3 hours each).

See the website How Come Theory for more information and testimonials.


Contact Rochele directly via email for further information and scheduling.

Sessions Fees
A la Carte Pricing – New Clients:
Initial Scan, Introduction and Recommendations for Coping  (Review 2-3 hours) $750
Each Transformation Session    (Session 2-3 contact hours) $650
Program Pricing (Payment in Advance with Guarantee*)
Initial Scan and Intro Session plus five (5) Transformation Sessions $3,500  -  Save $ 500 with this package
Initial Scan and Intro Session plus ten (10) Transformation Sessions
*The Guarantee: After the Initial Session and the 1st Transformation Session. if you feel that you do not wish to go further, then I will refund all but the Initial Session, discounted to $500.
Program Clients – New Sequence
Each Transformation Session – up to 5 $500
Each Session – after the first 5 of the New Sequence $400
Program Clients – Follow-up Conversations / Insights
First month after Program – two 20 minute chats FREE
Ongoing “Conversations / Insights” – min 20 minute segments $ 250 / hr, or 3-hrs package for $500