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Clear Instincts Consulting presents:

Enhance Natural Influence to Grow Your Business 


In this innovative one-day program, we give your revenue-producing people two powerful systems to rapidly gain influence and attention — by enhancing their natural authenticity. Each person gets:

•             Breakthrough insight on how to leverage their own communication strengths to maximize results in relationships

•             New skills to instantly see the 6 primary facial features of customers that reveal their communication needs

•             A proven tool for using individualized color to make their point and present a professional, authentic and well-put-together look.

Plus three books to back up the tools:                                    

1.            Who Am I, Who Are You?   by Naomi Tickle

2.            Closing the Sale  by Naomi Tickle

3.            Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken  by Rochele HC Hirsch


Photo  Naomi Tickle


Naomi Tickle is a world renowned speaker and career consultant.  She has appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC and numerous radio shows world-wide. She has been featured in major newspapers and magazines in England and the United States.

Naomi helps people see their natural strengths and provides tips on how to ignite their passion. They have found her insights to be extremely valuable, validating much of what they already felt to be true. Naomi sees this approach to understanding human behavior as another tool we can use to bring balance into our lives. Many have reported that their relationships had improved, both at work and at home. Those in sales were excited to see their results increase significantly, crediting their new skills in reading the customer.

Her workshops have been presented at Norwich University. IBM, ATT, National Semiconductor and a variety of organizations with diverse interests. Her books, You Can Read a Face Like a Book, Who Am I, Who Are You? and Closing the Sale, are used as tools for sales, communications, understanding children, relationships, customer service, team building, career guidance and personal development.



Face Pattern Recognition

What if you knew your customer – or your investor – so your initial approach is spot-on?

Face Pattern Recognition is a proven system for immediately knowing important aspects of someone’s natural communication style – including your own.

•             Know and build upon your own natural strengths

•             Support your relationship with customers – by seeing their communication style

•             Know when to drop the details – or not – just from facial features

•             Add to your confidence, communication skills and influence

•             Make more sales!

Easier to understand and quicker to use than DISC or Myer’s-Briggs.

It becomes quite clear that there is no magic, no psychic power, and no special gifts involved. It is about simple practical information that anyone can learn and use. This information is so valuable that everything demonstrated in Naomi’s talks and workshops is described in detail in her latest book Who Am I, Who Are You?   Dr. Leslie Hewitt, CEO, The WOW Talks


Photo  Rochele HC Hirsch


Rochele HC Hirsch is former CEO / Founder of CommExpress Int’l, Inc., an Atlanta-based consulting and video conferencing company. Her business career includes 15 years in corporate management in the telecommunications industry, and over 20 years as a consultant in organization effectiveness, leadership development, marketing and communications.

A 1989 graduate of Suzanne Caygill’s Academy of Color, Rochele is distinguished as the sole graduate who hand-paints the entire palette, giving her the distinct advantage in developing colors that are on-key with the individual, whatever their ethnic group. Her skills in color analysis  have provided a unique tool for increasing her clients’ individual confidence, capability and influence.

Hirsch published her book Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken in 2013, and has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Singapore and New Zealand on speaking engagements and client consultations for both relationship and color. Her cutting edge program for Executive Teams integrates strategic mission development with improved relationship dynamics and clear, gut-level intent for success.


Custom Personal Color Analysis

 Color enhances – or can diminish –personal influence.  In your 1-hour session with Rochele, you have an internationally renowned expert in color analysis who will mix and hand-paint the colors that bring YOU to life. Whether you wear a suit and tie, or more casual clothing, your personalized palette of colors – a lifetime tool – guides you to YOUR grays, blues, reds, greens and how to use them for maximum impact.

Having my color palette has taken the visual chaos out of shopping. I know what to get and that it will go with the rest of my wardrobe. It’s easy – and I always look well-put-together. ~Patrick Wiggins, Attorney, Tallahassee, FL

After a long meeting at work, five women came up to me asking “What are you doing differently?” They had been talking about how great I looked, and wanted to know my secret. It was the colors Rochele painted for me!  When I wear those colors I look younger and healthier – and people pay attention!   ~Kim K., Sales, Richmond, VA


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Each person invests 3.5 hours of their time – for a lifetime of improvement

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