American Idol Judges

Mar 8, 2013 by

American Idol Judges

American Idol Judges are not exactly an executive management team — however they need to operate together in a way that advances the success of the show while also highlighting their individuality.

The reported catfighting between Nicki Manaj and Mariah Carey threatened the stability of the team — so let’s take a look at their relationship. I find that Nicki and Mariah  are Mirror-Energy. Obviously some things are showing up as NEGATIVE Mirror!

My sense for Mariah is that she has worked really hard to be extremely “responsible” in how she handles her career (and her life) — because her instincts are that she can’t depend on others to be responsible. Any threat to her being right — would be met by a defensive move or comment from her. The defensive comment would come across to Nicki as a form of “disrespect” to her “value” because that is HER tender spot. While Mariah would not necessarily be intending disrespect … the perception by Nicki becomes her reality. Nicki instinctively reacts with  words and actions that would be taken by Mariah as “not responsible for a professional.” That further makes Nicki feel disrespected. On … the mirror is at work.

What is the best way to cope? For both of them to realize the challenges each other faces about responsibility and respect … and then interrupt their “hissing” with some great laughter!  And then there is The Transformation Option

The more serious issue may be the naturally close Lover-Energy relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Mariah Carey …. and Ryan’s Associate-Energy with Nicki Minaj. This could make Nicki feel a bit “left out” when she sees the easiness between Mariah and Ryan. Further, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey are also Lover-Energy, while Keith and Nicki are Mirror.  Now both Randy Jackson and Jimmy Iovine are Lover-Energy with Nicki — so here she would feel like she has allies.

It would be really neat to transform the tender spot where Nicki feels “disrespected” so readily. Her life would feel even more successful then.

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