About Rochele

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Personal Transformation Consultant and Author

Since 1986, Rochele HC Hirsch has been researching and testing methods of transforming one’s “reality.” She defines “reality” as the Emotional Experience (thinking/feeling) one has against the backdrop of Physical Experience.
With an education in physics, operations research, and organizational effectiveness methodologies, and over 30 years in the business world, including corporate management, consulting and small business ownership, Rochele has also integrated over 25 years of study and research in Color,  Transpersonal Psychology, meditation, emotional transformation and metaphysics in the development of her Theory of How Come.
What she has discovered and tested in her own living laboratory may well change the way people understand and use the power of intention (as popularized by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra).
Books, workshops, tools and concepts that she has developed include:

    • Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken (published 2013)
    • The Theory of How Come
    • Love, the Noun vs. Love, the Verb
    • The Anger Flow Chart
    • The Love Scorecard
    • The Steps of Transformation to Clear Your Intent for Success
    • Emotional Rest Stops: Drop the Stress, Increase Success
    • Emotional Restrooms: Safe Ways to Move Emotion to Reduce Stress
    • Job Descriptions: Loving Boss, Employee, Parent, Child, Partner

The latest program in her system of Personal Transformation is End Your Craving: Five Weeks to Freedom.

Other programs include: Willingness to Attract the Right Significant-Other, and Willingness to be Safe.

In the journey to greater awareness and influence, a great foundation — that keeps on giving back —  is a Personal Color Consultation with Rochele. Your unique Color Palette is a valuable lifetime tool for expressing yourself authentically and gaining more influence in your communications.

Rochele counts her involvement in personal color as the initial gateway to understanding human beings as “energy beings,” and led to her own transformation work, development of her Theory of How Come, and her coaching and transformation programs with clients.

Rochele studied and worked with Suzanne Caygill, originator of the concept of personal color analysis.  Over a period of 12 years (1982 – 1994) Rochele was Suzanne’s agent and support person in Atlanta. In 1989, Rochele graduated from Suzanne’s exclusive Academy of Color. Currently she is one of 15 graduates who continues to create color palettes, and is the only analyst who hand-paints all the colors, providing a very accurate color palette. She is also expert in working with people-of-color, from African American to Chinese, Indian, Malay and others.

Rochele’s passion is to enhance her clients’ effectiveness, success and appreciation of themselves and others as unique expressions of Life Energy.

Rochele can be reached through: