A Monk Walks His Path

Jan 25, 2013 by

A Monk Walks His Path

My friend Yasha is in Cambodia now, living like a monk along a river — effectively living a “retired” lifestyle though still writing.  Around the world, he has shared the incredible tools he has developed to open one’s inner awareness.

In the late 60′s while contemplating starting a Master’s in Physics, he told his professor that he wanted to research the topic “Where do the SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS come from?”

The professor retorted “That’s not Physics! If you want to study that, you’d better go to a monastery somewhere.” So he did. He went to Berkeley to the Tibetan Buddhist location, camped out for 3 weeks under their stairs, and then they finally said “You can stay.”

For six years he studied and traveled with 3 of the 6 lamas who were in the U.S. Then he spent another 6 years building stupas in Hawaii. He learned a lot … but declined to become a lama or a teacher. Being a born and bred American, he knew he would want to say more than just the “party line.”

Later, Yasha developed what he now calls The Tambolian Map … a Mind Map that helps reveal aspects of your inner nature and how you make decisions.

I worked with this tool for a number of years to great advantage. And when I presented the process to others, invariably I got comments like “This was a peak experience.”

Consider for yourself … how would you answer the questions “Who is your partner?” and “What is the difference between good and evil.” It’s really useful to know these answers for yourself … and how to explain them so others understand!



  1. “And Grindelwald used the Elder Wand to become powerful. And at the height of his power, when Dumbledore knew he was the only one who could stop him, he dueled Grindelwald and beat him, and he took the Elder Wand.”

  2. Rochele

    I was just contacted by a woman living here in Los Angeles who wants to play Yasha’s game, The Tambolian Map. She is from Russia, and told me that “Everyone is excited about playing the game. People are being trained as facilitators, and participants buy $40 tickets to do 2 days of the game. It’s a most amazing experience.” She and I are getting together soon. Congratulations, Yasha. Good work!

    • Sergey

      Hello, do you know how to contact the woman?? I’m in Russia but I want to purchase the game in English. We’ve got only Russian versions here. So I’m looking where to find the game in English and play it in my English Club. I’m an English teacher.

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